Executive Course

Our bespoke Executive Retreats are designed to expand the thinking and enhance the productivity of executive teams within a corporation. Our intervention is termed the UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONS EXECUTIVE RETREAT and it is a bespoke customized intervention best suited for growing corporations or for corporations that have reached their full maturity and need a new lease of life. You may be a major corporation with facilities and operations throughout the World or you may be a one branch operator with your eyes on the global market price, whatever the case may be we will work with you to bring your team into the 21st century’s strategies for business development. We work with you and your team to expose the most modern techniques in business strategy execution, which drives growth and expansion.


Designing a bespoke Executive Retreat for the Universe’s Champions can be a fun experience especially as we are the best and we invented this process, we combine healthy living, and overall wellbeing with hard core strategy and business development and then we top it up with world class instructions on power dressing, grooming, personal development and a 21st century winning mind-set. We identify what is missing in your organization and then we go about to design the programs, exercises, teaching and learning that will give your people the edge they need. Working with our Executive Course Team will convince you that one size does not fit all. You may be in the manufacturing sector in which case you face a whole set of challenges that a Bank or financial services firm will never face. You may be growing a conglomerate and you have a unique set of complex problems that require solving, or you may be the fastest growing entertainment industry business with operations in music, movies and concerts, whatever be the case our Executive Retreat can be designed to suit your requirements.

The great news is that before the program is up we give you on powerful billion dollar idea that could revolutionize your industry and certainly change the fortunes of your corporation. We also enrol your team into our global network of champions the UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONS, which means they get additional support and mentorship from World Class coaches, mentors and Leaders.

In addition to the bespoke course material and customized learning determined by your particular industry or circumstances, we cover our full compressed Money Power Respect Program for Executives over the three day retreat. In some cases we may host your Retreat alongside or concurrently to our signature Money Power Respect program on the beautiful exotic Island of Mauritius or we may hold your Retreat at a time and location of your choosing.


  • Chief Executive’s Strategic map
  • Industry analysis and global growth trajectory
  • Bespoke applications ( based on predetermined diagnosis)
  • The Mind Set Shift
  • Health, Safety and well being
  • Grooming, Power Dressing and ethics
  • Fun game exercises


  • Drill Sargent’s Exercise routine
  • Complex Problem diagnosis
  • Complex Problem solving
  • Team building exercises
  • The Mind Set shift
  • Bespoke applications (based on predetermined diagnosis)
  • Team Learning
  • Game Night


  • Drill Sargent’s Zumba Dance and Work Out routines
  • Case Study learning
  • Team presentations ( based on previous assignments given prior to Retreat starting)
  • Bespoke applications ( based on predetermined diagnosis)
  • Global Strategy applications
  • Africa Strategy ( for Corporations seeking to penetrate the African markets)
  • Success Principles for personal development and improvement
  • Constant and Never ending Improvement
  • Induction into the Universal Champions Elite Network