National Development Strategy Course

National or State/ Regional and even Local Government Authorities are constantly in need of game changing initiatives to drive growth, create jobs and build sustainable economic models that will raise the standard of living among the people you are responsible for. If you are serious about development then our National Development Strategy bespoke Retreat is for you.

We engage at the very high level working with your Ministers, Commissioners or State Officials in which we expose them to National Development Strategy learning and classes. We equally assist Government affiliated entities, parastatals or agencies and their executive teams with direction in National Development based on the Nine Pillars of National Development Principles.

We can host your Government team alongside our signature Money Power Respect Retreat program on the beautiful exotic Island of Mauritius, or we can design a completely customized National Development Strategy Retreat program at a time and location of your choosing. In which casecustomized bespoke retreat programs are designed for the entire Government or for one of its agencies, departments or companies.

In cases where the National Government wants to communicate a new National Strategy, we work with a particular department or Ministry and we can implement the Retreat Program for each and every department or agency and sub sectors in your Ministry, catchment area, geographical zone or industry as the case may be.


Our bespoke fully customized Retreats for National, Regional, State and Local Governments is a compressed three day event at a location far away from the everyday busy life of daily responsibilities. We combine overall wellbeing, health and safety with the strategies of Nation building and sustainable economic development. In the final analysis the overall goal of the National Development Strategy Course is to transform your people into Champions of the Universe, highly productive super achievers who are ready and willing to win at the game of Nation building. Our programs provide Government executives with all the knowledge they need to stay at the cutting edge of their professions, to transform these Government departments or Agencies or Board Room executives into peak performers and 21STCENTURY professionals. We use our propriety system of the combined human achievement approach which includes making a positive life style change, eating the right food, doing the right amount of exercise and having a lot of fun doing it, and combing it with the class room education of national development, studying together what works and what does not work for Nation States and regions. At the end of the course your executive participants will also be enrolled into the Universal Champions Elite Network, which means that executive coaching and support will always be on hand to support members all year round.


  • Chief Executive’s Strategic map
  • National Development Goals
  • State of the NATION ( if it is a State or Local Government it will be State of the Affairs of that Ministry, Department, Agency or Local Authority)
  • Bespoke applications ( based on predetermined diagnosis)
  • The Mind Set Shift
  • Health, Safety and well being
  • Grooming, Power Dressing and ethics
  • Fun game exercises


  • Drill Sargent’s Exercise routine
  • Nine Pillars of National Development
  • Nation Building Initiatives
  • Team building exercises
  • The Mind Set shift
  • Bespoke applications (based on predetermined diagnosis)
  • Sustainable Economic Growth
  • Job Creation Strategies
  • Game Night


  • Drill Sargent’s Zumba Dance and Work Out routines
  • Case Study learning
  • Team presentations ( based on previous assignments given prior to Retreat starting)
  • Bespoke applications ( based on predetermined diagnosis)
  • National / State economic Models
  • Internally Generated Revenue for National, State and Local Governments
  • Africa Strategy ( for Corporations seeking to penetrate the African markets)
  • Success Principles for personal development and improvement
  • Induction into the Universal Champions Elite Network